The 2015 Global Opportunities Conference: Business for a Better World will be held on Friday, April 10 at 9 am in the Plemmons Student Union.  The conference will explore the potential for innovative businesses to solve global social and environmental problems.

One serious problem in need of a solution is the lack of potable water in developing nations. At least one in six people worldwide lacks access to adequate amounts of safe water for drinking and hygiene, according to the UN statistics. This contributes to diarrhea, the leading cause of illness and death, and translates to 1.5 million preventable deaths each year.

Our keynote speaker is  Doc Hendley, the founder of Wine to Water. Doc was hailed as a CNN Hero of the Year in 2009.  He is a former bartender who founded Wine to Water, a not-for-profit that commits  funds raised through wine tastings to repair broken wells, install rain water harvesting tanks and other sanitation modalities to 250,000 people worldwide.  His efforts have saved thousands of lives.

In addition to learning about the work of Wine to Water, there will be a panel discussion with faculty and local social entrepreneurs.  The discussion will focus on the role of innovative business in solving social and environmental problems.

Appalachian students will share their experiences on College of Business study abroad programs in Belize working on a sustainable cacao farm, and in Costa Rica learning the dynamics of “fair trade” in the coffee industry.

The conference is designed to engage faculty, students, and the local community in this important conversation.  Feel free to invite friends and colleagues.  The conference and luncheon are free and open to the public, but registration is required.    Please follow the link on the masthead at the top of the page to register.

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The annual Global Opportunities Conference highlights innovative and entrepreneurial ways of addressing global challenges. Our goal is to inspire students, faculty and the local community to use their knowledge and skills in the business of building a better world.


Organizer: Meredith Church Pipes
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